The Authentic Chic
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Santresa Marie

Santresa Marie


Santresa Marie is known as The Authentic Chic: Accountability Coach, Social Media Manager, and Author. She teaches people how to ensure their unique voice is heard and to be authentic in every area of their lives. She challenges people to take responsibility for their lives, holds them accountable and creates a conducive atmosphere for people to grow and become one authentic moment at a time.

Santresa thrives on helping people reach their goals through strategic accountability. She helps clients manager their social media accounts to increase traffic and visibility to their target audiences. She is passionate about seeing people succeed and providing the tools to help guide them towards their destination in life. She is constantly researching and building her knowledge to better assist her clients.

Santresa owns Santresa Marie Enterprises, a coaching and social medial management business. She is the author of two books Loving Me First and Love Letters To God: A 30 Day Devotional for the Woman After God’s Heart.

Santresa resides in Northwest Arkansas. She is the mother of one amazing daughter Sydnee and the godmother to Briah and Makiya.