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Be Authentic 8 Week Master Class - Facebook Group

Be Authentic 8 Week Master Class - Facebook Group


You can’t live an authentic life if you don’t know who you are. It doesn’t matter what they think. What did God say? Discovering who you are one authentic moment at a time is the greatest journey you can ever take. Being you is the only option.

Join Santresa Marie and discover your authentic self.

This 8 week class will deal with the following:

  1. Why Living Authentically is Important

  2. Unraveling the Masks that Keep You Hidden

  3. How Unforgiveneess Keeps You Broken and How to be Free

  4. How to Stop Performing for Love

  5. The Truth About Self Protection

  6. How You Know Who God Said You Are

  7. Releasing the Weights

  8. Being Intentional About Living Authentically

Classes will be held on Wednesday night in a private Facebook group. Classes will be able to be watched later.

2019 Live Classes

January 9

January 16

January 23

January 30

February 6

February 13

February 20

February 27

Class times 8 pm CST