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It’s Your Workout Not Theirs

I’ve spent the better part of my life in a weight room, gym, track, basketball court, or softball field. Regardless of the venue, I always had the same goal….to push myself beyond the place I was the last time I was there. I wasn’t concerned about the next person. I wasn’t competing with them because they weren’t my competition. Even if I lost, even if my team lost, they still weren’t my competition. Why you ask? Because a win or loss didn’t matter if I didn’t do MY best. It didn’t matter unless I did better than the last time. I’ve always been my biggest competitor and that’s something that keeps me focused on my goals.

I joined a gym recently and during each workout I noticed an array of different people. There are those that workout just to say they did. There are those that workout to lose weight. There are those that want to tone and sculpt their bodies. There are those that are preparing for some type of event or competition. There are those that are extremely body and health conscious. Just about everyone in my gym is there for a different reason. Whatever it is, it belongs to them. It’s their workout, not mine. It’s their choice of machine or weights, not mine. It’s their decision on how long they stay, not mine. So, I put in my headset, turn on my music, look at my plan for the morning and get to work. It’s easy that way. I don’t get distracted. Everyone and everything else disappear. It’s just me and my workout.

It hit me today that the problem with a lot of people is that they are more focused on the next person’s workout than they are their own. They are busy judging their progress against someone else’s. They are comparing their body to someone else’s. It never fails that most of those people do one of two things: they quit the gym and go back to where they started or they try to work out like the person they see and end up doing more harm than good to their bodies. It’s an epidemic and it’s dangerous. The more you try to make someone else’s workout yours is the moment you’ve set yourself up to fail. If you haven’t lifted a weight, done a push-up or sit up, run or even walked on a treadmill in years, it is a mistake to try to mimic the workout plan of someone that’s been doing it five days a week for three years.


Now, there’s nothing wrong with getting a trainer, taking advice from someone that’s been working out for a while, or even searching for a plan that suits you. You must remember to begin where you are now and not where someone that’s been doing it for years is. It’s the same for anything else you do in your life. You see someone else’s results and go full gusto thinking you will have it all tomorrow. That’s a mistake that a lot of people make. You never take time to find out what it took to for them to get where they are now. You have no idea what parts of their life impacted the decisions they made. It’s because their dreams belong to them. Their goals belong to them. Just like your dreams and goals belong to you. It’s your workout, not theirs.

Stop focusing on him, her or them. Put your headset in, turn on your music or audio book, stretch and get to work. Focus on yourself and what you want to accomplish. Do better today than you did yesterday. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t. Instead, evaluate what happened, learn from it, and move forward. You won’t have time to worry about someone else’s workout when you’re focused on your own.