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Loving Me First

Loving Me First


Going from being tattered to triumphant, Santresa Marie’s transparency is the driving force of this challenging, spirit checking and heartfelt blueprint for “Loving Yourself First.” She shares her life experiences of sexual assault, depression, low self-esteem, self-hate, attempted suicide, dysfunctional relationships, and seeking love from every man but God; along with Biblical applications, to help others break the chains of bondage and learn to love themselves first. She recognizes that so many women are walking around existing instead of living.

In her introduction Santresa states, “Your heart is wounded beyond repair and the more it is subjected to hurt and pain, the more you create a barrier between it and everyone else. Now, the wall around your heart is so tall and impenetrable that not even you can get inside to see what is left of the warm, giving, and beautiful organ that once existed.” She speaks from experience and understands the power that one’s past has to keep them stuck and wondering why. Some of the chapters include, “The Superwoman Complex,” “The Cycle – Same Situation, Different Man,” and “Freedom – God’s Total Takeover.”

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